Our technology and service

Binder Selection Technology (BST)

  • Our technology called binder selection technology is based on affinity selection mass spectrometry. Compounds and the target are mixed and passed through the unique chromatography. The binder is eluted with the target by molecular sieve and LCMS determines whether compound is bound.
  • Our chromatography is compatible with wide variety of materials such as membrane fraction, microsome and organelle, so we can conduct screening campaigns for every target.

Binding compound screening

  • Principle of screening Our screening campaign can identify binding compounds from our library, including inhibitors, agonists and antagonists with various biological activity a single campaign.
  • Advantage of our method Our high-throughput method works with any type of target. We can perform screening campaigns for orphan receptors, ion channel, transporter and scaffold protein with no biological activity. And we can also obtain PROTAC as a silent binder.

Binder collection

  • We are implementing a strategy of generating hits for each target class and selecting promising pipelines from them.
    We are constructing binder collections using our protein library and compound library. We have already had binders of some GPCRs and SLC transporters as pipelines in early stage.

Binding protein screening

  • Principle of screening We identify the binding proteins of your compounds from our protein library. Our protein library consists of 18,000 proteins and covers a wide range of proteins from soluble proteins to membrane proteins.
  • Advantage of our method Our protein screenings does not require labeling compounds or immobilizing proteins. It is effective for target deconvolution of compounds from phenotypic screening, drug repositioning, and off-target identification.